About Us

The Institute is founded in 1958 and integrates basic medical research with development and production of biological products. It is mainly involved in basic and applied research in these fields: medical virology, immunology, molecular biological technology, medical genetics, molecular epidemiology, experimental zoology and animal experimental technology with primate, large-scale production of vaccines, immunological and genetic engineering products. It is “WHO Collaborative and Research Center on Enteroviruses”, as well as master’s and doctor’s degree conferring unit of the Peking Union Medical College (Medical School of Tsinghua University). 
The Institute has a long history of producing biological products. It is the largest research and production base for live attenuated oral poliomyelitis vaccine (OPV) in China. From the 1960s when the OPV is licensed to now, more than 50 billion doses have been supplied to the national Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI), which reduces the incidence of poliomyelitis from 3.18/100000 reported at the end of the 1960s to no case report caused by wild strain from 1995 to now, and makes a great contribution to the control and eradication of poliomyelitis in China. The Institute is the largest research and production base for hepatitis A vaccines (HAV) as well. From the 1992 when the HAV is licensed to now, more than 1 billion doses have been supplied to the Chinese market, which plays an essential role in controlling the prevalence, outbreaks and reducing the incidence of hepatitis A in China. 
The Institute receives amicable cares from the State leaders in the course of 50 years’ development; undergoes 4 important technology renovations, establishes current research, technological and management systems. The medical research accumulation in long-term development lies down solid and extensive basis for applied basic research and development of new products, and trains large numbers of innovative talents and staff. Long history of vaccine production and marketing accumulate abundant experiences in production and quality management, and sets up professional and normative marketing management system. The scientific research building of more than 10000 m2 and advanced instrument, equipment and facilities creates excellent conditions for medical basic research and development of new biological products. The main production premises designed and constructed according to the European GMP standard provide a good guarantee for producing high-quality biological products up to international standards. 
The Institute has abundant primate resources and long-term animal experimental technology accumulation. Its affiliated “National Medical Primate Research Center” is the largest primate research base that plays a leading role in breeding, reproduction, disease control, genetic background studies of primate and animal experimental standardization set up in China. In addition, the Institute is constructing a national key project – “Kunming National High-level Biosafety Research Center for Non-human Primate” approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, which will become an important basic research platform for discovering, monitoring and controlling, preventing infectious diseases in China, and provide national high-level biosafety research labs (BSL3/4), where studies of etiology, epidemiology and pathogenesis etc. of infectious diseases can be undertaken. 
In the future, the Institute will move forward to the target of a comprehensive institution in medical biological field in China combining applied basic researches of medical sciences with research and development and large-scale production of biological products under the encouraging spirits of “Union, practicing, creative, devoted”, and the mission of “dedicating to human health care service”, and the pursuit of “creating human health wealth”.